Learn about water conservation, filtration, facts about water, FAQ's, and how essential it is to humans and this planet

The truth is we all take water for granted in some way, and could use some modern education about the importance of understanding our most precious resource.

50 Facts about Water you Should Know

Ways to conserve water

Water, or H20, is perhaps the most important compound on the face of the earth. It is responsible for sustaining practically all forms of life on the planet, and has played an integral role in transportation....

Can You Drink  Distilled Water?

what is distilled water?

Bottled water has become more than just a fad in the past few years. It is now the primary means by which most people satisfy their daily intake of water. Bottled water comes in many forms and varieties, one of which is distilled water...

Why Drinking Water is the First Thing You Should Do Everyday

drinking water in the morning

Most people know that water is a necessity for life. Yet some people don’t realize how big of a role water plays in the daily functioning of the body, and what happens when you sleep. This is your bodies time to work while your brain is on standby...

What is The Best Water Filter For your Home?

drink ice water before bed

What parent does not shudder every time they hear a report on the news discussing contaminants found in local water sources? Loving parents encourage their children to avoid soda and other sugar-based drinks and instead to drink tap water. Why do they want their children drinking tap water?

What kind of Water Softener do I need?

best water softener

Hard water in your home can cause a host of problems. Hard water not only damages hair and skin, it is harmful to clothes and household appliances. The solution is to use a water softening device or a hard water filter. Unfortunately, not every water softening system provides effective results.

The Facts about Drinking Water Before Sleep

drinking water before bed

Drinking water before bed replenishes the fluid loss that occurs throughout the day. Even the most normal daytime activities use up most of the available water in the body. Urination throughout waking hours also excretes much of the water which is consumed during the day.

drinking water in the morning


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