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Should I be Drinking Water Before Bed?

drinking water before bed

It is common knowledge that humans need water throughout the day to maintain the proper functioning of the body. Most people are used to consuming water during daytime hours to satisfy thirst or to keep cool. A less common consideration is whether it is necessary to drink water prior to going to bed.

drinking water before bed

Drinking water before bed gives a better nights sleep

In most cases, it is highly beneficial to drink water at bedtime to make sure your body has the fluid it needs to function through the night.

The Advantages of Late Night Hydration

Drinking water before bed replenishes the fluid loss that occurs throughout the day. Even the most normal daytime activities use up most of the available water in the body. Urination throughout waking hours also excretes much of the water which is consumed during the day. Due to the fact that water is the most necessary substance in the body it is important to keep yourself hydrated at an optimal level. Replenishing at night returns your body’s fluid levels to the normal range so that you can fully rest and take advantage of the recovery process that occurs during sleep.

How Water Can Help With Sleep

It is well known that water is key to maintaining the proper fluid balance in the human body. When you consume water, you help the body balance out the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are critical to daily functioning. Introducing water into the body at night helps the process further by restoring the delicate balance of hormones and provides nourishment for body parts that have been used throughout the day. Joints and muscles especially benefit from a late night infusion of water because it helps in the regeneration of cells and diminishes wear and tear on the body.

Water is also known for inducing a relaxed state.

glass of water before bed

A clean glass of water can do wonderful things for your body before bed

A cool, clean glass of water can do wonders for people that have a hard time falling asleep. It also keeps your body hydrated so that you wake up in the morning with a sense of rejuvenation. During sleep, water has a chance to circulate throughout the body without being excreted through excessive sweat or urination. Thus, the time right before sleep provides a perfect opportunity for the optimal absorption of water into the body. It also induces a serene feeling that helps the body to fall into a state of rest for the night.

Lose Calories at Bedtime

Ice water is a staple in practically every weight loss strategy.

drink ice water before bed

Drinking ice water before bed can help burn calories

This is due to the fact that the body expends calories to warm up cold water that enters the body. In essence, drinking cold water increases your metabolism in a similar (but less demanding) way to exercising. Having a cold drink of water before bed will prompt your body to start burning calories at a time when you are not consuming any other calories. This will give a slight edge to your weight loss regimen.

Cleanse the Body During Sleep

Typical daily activities cause the body to build up toxins and other unwanted impurities. Water naturally cleans the body by flushing out toxins and other types of waste. The more often you drink water the cleaner your internal system will be. Water directly cleanses internal organs such as the intestines and urinary kidneys. It also has the beneficial side effect of cleansing the skin and nourishing muscles. When you drink water before going to sleep you help your body initiate a final cleaning process to remove impurities which have built up throughout the day.

Why an Extra Glass of Water at Night Helps

Even though most of us have access to clean drinking water dehydration remains a common problem in society. It is estimated that 3 quarters of Americans suffer from dehydration.

drinking soda before bed

Drinking soda does NOT provide adequate hydration

Part of the problem is that some people erroneously believe that drinking juice or soda provides the same hydration benefits as water. Yet, when it comes to preventing dehydration water is the best choice. Even if you regularly drink water during the day you can still suffer from a slight case of dehydration. Ending the night with a glass of water can help make sure your body gets the fluid it needs.

Another reason to drink water before bed is to build up a water supply which will last all night. Although the body is not active during sleep, you still lose some water while sleeping. Respiration and sweating cause the body to expel water while you rest. When you consider that most people sleep for 8 hours a night it is easy to see how your body can lose water overnight. Stocking up on the water in your system at bedtime makes sure that you don’t wake up thirsting for water in the morning.

How Much Water to Drink at Bedtime

Unlike during the day when you can consume as much water as you want, it is better to limit the quantity of water you drink right before going to bed.

drink too much water before bed

Drinking too much water before bed will make you wake up to use the bathroom. Not good.

The reasoning behind this is simple, too much water at night will cause you to wake up several times to urinate. It can also cause a bloated feeling which may affect your ability to fall asleep. The purpose of drinking water at this time is to relax you and provide some additional health benefits. These objectives are not met if you drink too much because it will end up disturbing your sleep.

It is best to drink only one to two glasses of water prior to going to bed. This amount is adequate to reap the benefits of water without causing any unwanted side effects. The serving size for each glass should be around 6 to 8 ounces. You might also want to keep a half full glass on your nightstand to quench late night thirst or have a bad case of dry mouth. You can also experiment with different quantities of water to determine which helps you feel more refreshed when you wake in the morning.

What Time Should You Drink Water?

There is no specific time to drink water before you turn in for the night. Ideally, you might want to start drinking it a half hour to an hour before you actually sleep to allow time for a last minute bathroom visit. However, if you are the type of person who doesn’t urinate frequently it is perfectly reasonable to drink a glass as you sit in bed prior to lying down. Once again, you can experiment with this to find out what time is most comfortable for you.

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